Friends Forever Pet Crematory was born out of our love of all animals and inspired by one of our own pets, who was never thoroughly returned to us after his cremation service.  Since then, we have set out to restore compassion and sensitivity to pet cremation.  It is our vow to honor your pet in a dignified and loving manner as if they were our own. Our state-of-the-art boutique crematory offers a full suite of services and a comforting experience where stories are shared and the memories of your furry, scaly and feathery friends live on, FOREVER.

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Andrea Anastasio, Licensed Funeral Director since 2008, has developed a deep understanding of the heartache faced by those who have experienced the loss of someone special, and her compassion and respectful nature serve as the foundation of Friends Forever.

Friends Forever is not run as a disposal business where your pet is just a number. They will be handled in the most humane and thoughtful manner, the way we wanted our Spike to be handled. And for those suffering from a loss, our boutique offers a quaint and cozy setting as if you were in the comfort of your own home.”

      Under Cover Pet Crematory Sting Revealed!

      Under Cover Pet Crematory Sting Revealed!

– Andrea Anastasio


Robert Amato is a 4th generation Funeral Director, licensed since 1989. In addition to 25 years of service as director and manager, Robert was an active member of the advisory board of Metro Hospice, board of directors of metro funeral directors association, Park Slope Volunteer Ambulance Board Member, St. Thomas Aquinus Parish Counsel, as well as being involved in many other civic and community organizations. With Robert’s lifelong dedication and experience in all aspects of funeral service he is truly an asset to the establishment.

“Cremation is considered a final disposition method and you have only one chance to do it right. With that said, we will follow our own strict ID procedures so that every pet that comes to us will be returned. We offer our clients peace of mind during their time of mourning and remembrance."

– Robert Amato