Custom Urns

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The opening of a log now exposes the beauty of nature hidden inside. 

These urns are handmade and wood turned for honoring the life of your beloved friend. 

The woods are collected by the artists and are sourced from trees that have been cleaned up from storm damage and from arborists who typically dispose of them in landfills. 

The talented men and ladies, the artists who hand craft these pieces are Certified Green by the Green Burial Council. These wooden urns are made in America using domestic materials and domestic labor. 

Once carved they truly are a one of a kind piece of art. Each urn is unique in color, wood, grain, and shape. No two urns are alike. Each urn has a turned secure top that is threaded to insure a secure seal. Available at an additional charge you can have a custom pocket under the top carved, a chamber allowing for small remembrance items to be kept. Custom tops and engraved bases can also be added to personalize your urn.

After your urn is hand carved it is assigned a unique serial number and signed by the artist who created it. 

Equestrian Urns: 950+ Cu. inches ($2800-$3600)

Pet urns 1 Cu. Inch+ ($300+)

Accessories $17+