Definitions and FAQs

Am I really going to get my pet’s cremated remains back and not someone else’s?

Most pet cremation providers are vague when they answer this often asked question and many veterinarians cannot answer this question with confidence.

We are here to change all this. 

We guarantee it! When our own pet, an adorable little rat named Spike was cremated we got back what appeared to be the amount of cremated remains of a small dog, even though we asked for a Private Cremation and knew we should have only received a few tablespoonfuls of cremated remains.

Our heartbreaking experience with Spike has now become your peace of mind knowing that what happened to us will not happen to you.

How we can assure you: Friends Forever Pet Crematory uses strict identification procedures for tracking your loved one from the moment we bring them into our care until their cremated remains are placed safely back into your hands.

We use a trademarked Secure Passages pet identification, tracking and chain of custody procedure along with our state of the art Pet Passages tracking software. 

With the use of this Secure Passages it is the most accurate and effective tracking procedure available anywhere and by using this system, we can provide you with absolute proof that you are receiving back your pet's cremated remains. Furthermore, if you desire to witness the cremation of your pet during a private cremation for peace of mind, we will honor your request and try to make you as comfortable as possible during this process.

Do I have options for my pet’s cremation? 

Unfortunately there are no regulations set forth that govern pet crematory operations, unlike human crematories, to protect both you the consumer and your beloved friend. It is important that you become educated and when you ask your cremation provider and your local Veterinarian office questions you get the correct answers.

Families will find that pet cremation providers may be misleading when labeling their services. These providers may be using the same terminology, but for different types of cremation services. It is important for families to understand their options before making a selection so there is no confusion. It is also important that your Vet understands what these options mean.

There are 3 cremation options available at Friends Forever:

1.)    A “Private” cremation is where only ONE animal’s body is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process and the pet’s cremated remains are returned to their owner.

2.)    A “Semi-Private” or also referred to as “Individual” or “Partitioned” cremation is where MORE THAN ONE animal’s body is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. Each animal has its own segregated space within the chamber to reduce the chances of them becoming commingled when they are being cremated. After the cremation process the cremated remains of the specific animals are returned to their owner.

WARNING: “Individual” cremation is what most pet crematories call a “Private” Cremation.

Furthermore, due to the fact that there are multiple pets being cremated simultaneously within the same chamber, active commingling of cremated remains can occur.  

3.)    A “Communal” cremation is where there are multiple pets that are cremated together in the chamber without being separated. The cremated remains of the animals are commingled and are not returned to their owners.

Do I have to purchase a casket in order for my pet to be cremated?

No. It is not required to purchase a casket for cremation. Many families wrap their friend in a special blanket or some other type of material that is special to them.

Is an urn required and where do I get one?

We provide a very simple, yet dignified wooden urn in both our Private and Semi-private cremations. For families who wish to select an upgraded urn that reflects their pet's nature, or that just goes nicely with their home decor these urns can be selected from our website. We also offer a large assortment of jewelry for men and women, memorial stones, keepsakes, and other merchandise to create an everlasting memory of your beloved friend.

Can we have a viewing?

Yes, absolutely. A viewing can help your family through the grieving process. Our quaint and cozy chapels provide the opportunity to have a quiet good-bye and to honor your beloved friend.


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