Definitions and FAQs

When will I get my pet’s cremated remains back?

Friends Forever Pet Crematory will give you a much faster response time when you need us. Since we do not utilize an answering service, we will personally answer your call 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Our family will respond immediately and transfer your pet into our care right away. Your pet’s remains will be available for return usually within 72 hours.

With most other crematories, your Veterinarian will have to hold your pet in a cooler at their facilities for up to a week until the crematory makes its next scheduled pick up. It may even take another week before the remains are available depending on how busy they are.

How much does cremation cost?

Pricing varies depending on your cremation preference, “Private, Semi-Private, or Communal” and the size of your pet. Please visit our "Services" page on our website or call Friends Forever Pet Crematory at 609.882.1800 for more information.

What happens during the cremation process?

This is a process where a pet is placed inside the cremation chamber while fuel and intense heat raise temperatures inside the chamber up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The body of the pet is reduced to calcium compounds. The crematory operator may have to at times open the chamber door to readjust the position of the pet to allow for a more thorough cremation. 

After the cremation is complete all that is left of the pet is bone fragments/calcium compounds. Any metals such as surgical implants or metal objects from collars or leashes that do remain in with the pet’s bone fragments are discarded. However, special metal id tags we utilize that are with the pet(s) in the chamber are not discarded, but continue to stay with the pet throughout the rest of their Passage.

After the cremated remains are cooled we remove them from the chamber using brushes, high temperature vacuums, and other industry standard tools. While using every effort possible to remove all of the cremated remains, it is impossible to remove all of the dust and other microscopic particles from the chamber floor. Depending upon which cremation option selected there may be more or less commingling of cremated remains.

If Private cremation is selected where ONLY ONE pet’s body is present in the chamber during the cremation process the commingling of other pet’s cremated remains cannot occur. However, even though all efforts are made to avoid commingling, commingling of particles of prior residues of cremated remains is possible. 

After the cremated remains are removed from the chamber, they are then placed into the pulverizer where they are reduced to a powdery like substance. When this procedure takes place the grinding may cause incidental commingling with the residue from the prior processing.

After this process is complete the cremated remains are placed in a wooden urn and given back to their owner.


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