Preserve Your Pet's Entire Genome

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DNA Banking allows you to preserve and protect your pet’s entire genome and can be extracted while they are living or if they have just passed away. This unique keepsake allows for future genetic testing of your pet where their DNA will not degrade over time. 


1.) Pet’s DNA contains a Purified High Molecular Weight (HMW) for maximum quality

2.) Advanced Anhydrobiosis preservation technique used for indefinite storage without freezing

3.) The DNA is processed for immediate usage at any laboratory 

4.) Suitable for repeat multiple usage

5.) The vial has a triple-sealed design to protect your pet’s DNA from moisture and other contaminants and has a Shock-Resistant Borosilicate Glass Chamber

6.) The Surgical Stainless Steel casing has a built-in humidity regulator to create an ideal storage environment for your pet’s banked DNA and is impact and UV Resistant.