Viewing & Memorial Services


We understand seeing your best friend for the last time is so important and that doing so doesn’t seem long enough, but having the opportunity for just a little while helps the healing process. We offer the opportunity for families to bring their pet to us and utilize one of our chapels to have a quiet goodbye. 

Many families who cannot bring their pet to us or their pet passes away at a Vet’s office we will bring their pet into our care and offer the same opportunity for them to be with their pet before the cremation process takes place. This is especially important to have for children who may have been in school where the pet has passed away and they didn’t have the chance to see or understand why their friend is no longer around.

If families wish to hold a memorial service for their pet with their pet’s cremated remains present we can arrange this for you in one of our chapels where we are equipped to display memorial tribute videos either created for you or that you provide us to show.


Family delivery of deceased pet to our facility includes 1⁄2 hr use of our chapel for a private goodbye. No Charge 

Scheduled private viewing using one of our chapels (1⁄2 hr. or 1 hr.) $50.00/$100.00

Scheduled memorial service using one of our chapels (1⁄2 hr. or 1 hr.) $50.00/$100.00

Included in any of these options we can hold a prayer service for your pet 

If you elect to have clergy present for a prayer service one can be selected for you.